Quality Policy

Be a company of technological excellence on the national and international markets; constantly investing in innovation of all our resources.

Material – increase productive capacity, space and machinery.

Humans – enabling and allowing personal growth and, therefore, the collective growth.
Through innovation and technology, we guarantee our clients high accuracy and precision when making moulds as well as providing services for the plastics industry; satisfying all their expectations.
To fulfil its mission and improve every day, SRFAM defends and combines some values:

Accuracy - the organizational solidity;

Precision e Meticulousness - state-of-the-art technology combined with the competence of the employees to perform the service;

Quality - compliance with Customer's requirements; · Respect - cooperation, teamwork and functional relationship between employees;

Respect - collaboration and teamwork,

Technology e Innovation -readiness and flexibility in responding to customer requests and problem solving;

Trust -pride in belonging to the company;

Clarity -the social concern of securing jobs, understanding, and helping solve employees' problems whenever possible.
Quality Policy
SRFAM PLASTICS relays on the contribution of all members linked to the organization for correct and effective development in order to achieve its projected results. Making quality its strategic orientation, in national and international relations, with a special emphasis on its clients, to whom it directs the products that it manufactures and the services it provides.

This Quality Policy applies to the whole SRFAM organization and is based on:

1- Satisfaction of their client, employee and supplier needs and expectations, producing products and providing services in accordance with the applicable technical requirements and standards;

2- Fulfillment of the requirements of the standard NP EN ISO 9001:2015;

3- Encouraging the participation of the employees in their own training and development, as well as in their involvement on a daily basis;

4- Continuous improvement of organization, processes and products.