Injection mold capacities and capabilitie
- Injection moulding machines from 100 Tons up to 400 Tons
- Injection mouldings up to 1.100 gr
- Prototype production series
- Small productions series
- High production series
- 2K and 3K moulding capabilities
- Quality control
Possibility of supplying injection moulds by our sister company SRFAM-Moulds


We produce all injected parts at our facilities in Portugal, where we process technical and high-performance plastics that might be glass-filled or have others special properties. Whenever requested, we can also provide finishing and coating services, as well as employ auxiliary equipment, such as robot extraction.


We control the design and production of all injection moulds personally. We draw up a detailed design brief together with our customers to avoid any unexpected situations during the production. After the manufacture of the moulds, we guarantee its maintenance during the production of plastic parts in our sister company SRFAM Plastics.


Our team of engineers is at your service to turn your plastic parts into a perfect injection-moulded component. Our engineers are specialists in injection moulding, coating of plastic and assembly.

Manufacture analysis We make the detailed analysis of both mould and of injection parameters in order to guarantee the proper functioning of them. We can also present our recommendations to further improve costumer’s product .

A detailed design brief We record every detail concerning injection moulded parts so that you can know exactly what to expect.


We can assemble your injection moulded parts as also add metal inserts, magnets, hinges, or other components. If so desired, we can stock and assemble them in order. We are also able to make tests and record the quality of each product in a fully detectable manner.